A Word from City Council

A Word from City Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas

Our wonderful Morcom Rose Garden, given the name by the mayor who planted the first rose, Frank Morcom in 1932, is a place of special beauty and calm on the busy border between the Grand Lake district and the Piedmont neighborhood of Oakland.  It’s a valley of roses, trees and pathways in an amphitheater built to be an oasis where benches dot the landscape bearing the names of Oaklanders who contributed to its continued beauty.

The Morcom Rose Garden is a sought after venue for weddings and other family celebrations where those who enjoy the warm sunshine can also bask in the love of Oaklanders who work hard to keep it as a special place for all.

My staff has had the opportunity to join the Dedicated Deadheaders who, along with our much-reduced city staff, perform the day-by-day upkeep of this historic legacy.  They plant, weed, clean and water, and pay special care to the beautiful rose bushes.  They greet revelers by making the space that much more the sweet smelling friendly open space we all enjoy.

The Morcom Rose Garden is like a well-known secret that we want to share with all our neighbors while advocating that our city protect and promote its splendor.  It also holds a special place in the hearts of Oakland’s mothers because it is the place Oakland officially holds its Mother’s Day celebration with mayoral proclamations and speeches.

Please come out and meet your neighbors, sign up to volunteer with the Garden’s Deadheaders, take a walk or relax on a bench at this special park.  District Two is proud to host it in our bustling city and welcomes your questions and concerns about the Morcom Rose Garden and other open and green spaces in the Town.  Please contact Miya Saika Chen in the District 2 council office for more information at (510) 238-7246.

See you in the garden,

Nikki Fortunato Bas
City Councilmember, Oakland District 2