Dedicated Deadheaders

Woodstock to Rootstock

Our Master Volunteers, “The Dedicated Deadheaders”, have completed a certification program which enables them to volunteer in the garden on their own time. They are an integral part of the Friends of the Morcom Rose Garden, and help to keep the garden blooming and weed free. They will be there to assist volunteers during our massive volunteer days, and can be recognized by their tie-dyed vests.

The requirements for becoming a certified Dedicated Deadheader are:

  • Willingness — to wear a tie-dyed vest
  • Practice — 20 hours volunteering in the garden
  • Expertise –- 2 one-on-one training sessions on deadheading with a Rosarian from the garden, and a 15-minute training session on how to use the website to track your activities
  • knowledge — watch 2 short videos (about 15 minutes) which reflect our deadheading philosophy
  • Skill –- know how to deadhead, be able to tell a weed from a rose, and how to spell Morcom
  • Passion –- the love of Rock and Roll! Or Vivaldi!
  • Fun -– a sense of humor about Oakland politics

If you have what it takes to become a Dedicated Deadheader and are interested in getting certified, let’s schedule a training session for you. Please send an email to