Volunteering: Soothing the soul one rose hip at a time.

Where do you go

  • When you are seeking refuge?
  • When you are stressed and need to feel less confined by your daily routine?
  • To meet new like-minded people in your community?
  • When you feel the need to contribute, to give a little of your time to a good cause?

These four questions are the primary reasons people initially come to the Morcom Rose Garden .  There are stories of people visiting the garden to recover from illness and trauma, to heal broken hearts or wounded spirits, or people just feeling a little blue and lonely.  The Garden welcomes all and gives itself all the time, every day.

Whatever the reason for the first visit, most people come back to the Rose Garden. Many, after spending time in the Garden, see that there is a way for them to give back, by volunteering.   That begins a beneficial relationship betweeen Garden and gardener, a relationship that both nourishes and gives back.

You are welcomed by the Garden, and now by “Friends of the Morcom Rose Garden”, a group of Morcom Rose Garden devotees.  We welcome you to become a part of the Garden community.  Join us for one of our work days, let us train you to help in ways specific to helping the Garden’s roses.  We promise you’ll have fun, meet some other good folks, and be better for it.


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